Rachel Maddow Slams McCarthy for Letting Tucker Carlson ‘Concoct an Alternate Narrative’ With Capitol Security Footage (Video)

The Fox News opinion host’s team has reportedly received 41,000 hours of footage from the Jan. 6 attack

Rachel Maddow slammed House speaker Kevin McCarthy for his decision to reportedly hand over Capitol surveillance footage to Fox News.

According to Axios, the team of opinion host Tucker Carlson has received 41,000 hours of footage from the Jan. 6 attack, which includes multiple camera angles from all over Capitol grounds.

“So the Speaker of the House just gave them all of the security camera footage from the actual Capitol for them to play with, to see what they can do,” the anchor said during Monday evening’s “The Rachel Maddow Show”. “Here you go, Fox News Primetime. Hopefully you can use this official government material to concoct an alternate narrative to give us some more convenient revisionist history about what happened on January 6.”

In addition to her criticism of McCarthy and Carlson, Maddow knocked the GOP in Michigan for choosing election denier Kristina Karamo to be the leader of the state’s party and the GOP in Georgia for paying the legal bills of 16 fake electors who face potential criminal prosecution for signing forged documents claiming that former President Donald Trump won the state in the 2020 election.

She argued that the “fever is not breaking” when it comes to the Republican Party’s devotion to “the stolen election lie,” to “denying the results of elections that they don’t like” and to “rewriting their history of their attempts to overturn previous elections.”

“This problem they’ve got is not diminishing over time,” Maddow concluded. “It is not getting better as time goes on. Not at all.”

Watch the full monologue in the video above.