Comedian Sherry Cola Condemns ‘Devastating’ Monterey Park Shooting (Video)

“Any mass shooting is hate,” Cola told TheWrap at Sundance

Chinese-American comedian Sherry Cola condemned Saturday night’s shooting in Monterey Park, in which 10 people were killed and 10 more were wounded.

Cola spoke to TheWrap at the Sundance Film Festival where she is starring in “WandaVision” actor Randall Park’s directorial debut “Shortcomings,” a film that follows a struggling filmmaker living in Berkeley.” While born in Shanghai, Cola was raised not far from Monterey Park in nearby Temple City, and spoke about how disturbing it was to hear a shooting had happened in the neighborhood she knows better than any other.

“This is my home. I just went to the Buddhist temple in Monterey Park on Thursday,” she said. “And during Lunar New Year…it’s just so heartbreaking that we can’t just have a moment of joy while we’re making such slow progress.”

The shooting in the San Gabriel Valley’s primarily Asian community happened at a dance hall during the community’s Lunar New Year festivities. Los Angeles County law enforcement are still searching for the suspected shooter, whom witnesses said was driving a white cargo van and used an assault rifle at close range.

County Sheriff Robert Luna said the suspect is believed to be an Asian man between 30 and 50 years old. Five men and five women were killed in the attack with ten others currently hospitalized in conditions ranging from stable to critical.

Cola is one of several Asian American actors who condemned the attacks, including George Takei and “Hawaii Five-0” alum Daniel Dae Kim.

“A whole community wracked by gun violence and death, on what should have been a joyous Lunar New Year celebration. No motive is yet known. But we must act to end the ability of murderers to take so many lives so brutally,” wrote Takei on social media.

“It’s a reminder, as we celebrate ‘Shortcomings’ today, that’s so unapologetic and authentic and it really emphasizes AAPI voices,” said Cola. “What else can we do but just keep fighting for our validation as human beings, first and foremost.”

Watch more of Sherry Cola’s remarks in the clip above.