‘Moonage Daydream’ Explores David Bowie’s Music and Magic in Teaser Trailer (Video)

The documentary studies the Bowie’s life and art in the rock star’s own words

“Moonage Daydream,” the first documentary sanctioned by David Bowie’s estate, has released a teaser trailer timed with the film’s world premiere at Cannes Film Festival.

Taking its title from the music icon’s song of the same name, the feature draws from unlimited access to Bowie’s archives – including 48 tracks – to tell the story of his life, legacy and artistic achievements in his own words.

The teaser opens with a camera following Bowie backstage as he prepares for a performance. Donning a glittery striped jacket with pointed shoulders and his signature red mullet, Bowie is instantly recognizable despite his back facing the camera.

“Questions have arisen, such as who is he, what is he, where did he come from, is he a creature of a foreign power?” someone asks in voiceover. “Is he a creep? Is he dangerous? Is he smart, dumb, nice to his parents? Real, put-on? Crazy, sane? Man, woman, robot? What is this?”

As the music swells, so does the sound of an ecstatic crowd as Bowie strolls onto the stage.

“Are you there, David? Are you there, Mr. David Bowie?” a different voice asks the musician, backlit in another shot.

The trailer cuts to Bowie’s own voice, as footage of him in various costumes and eras of his career play on the screen. “All people, no matter who they are, all wish they’d appreciated life more,” he says. “It’s what you do in life that’s important, not how much time you have. Or what you wish you’d done.”

Finally, a series of gorgeously rendered, brightly-colored shots of Bowie’s face flash by, accompanied by an electronically operatic score.

“Life is fantastic,” he says as his face is shown in close-up, smiling toward the sky.

“Moonage Daydream” is directed, written, edited, produced by Brett Morgen (“The Kid Stays in the Picture,” “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck,” “Jane”). Neon will release the film in partnership with Universal Pictures Content Group, HBO Documentary Films and IMAX.

Watch the full clip in the player above or here.