‘Morning Joe’ Blames Russian Advances in Ukraine on Trump and Mike Johnson: ‘Vladimir Putin’s Best Friends’ | Video 

“Those two people are what stands between Congress passing aid and not passing aid to help the Ukrainian people,” Joe Scarborough says 

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” placed blame for recent Russian advances on Ukrainian territory at the feet of the Republican Party, calling Donald Trump and Mike Johnson “Vladimir Putin’s best friends.” 

During the Tuesday segment, which included NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reporting from the ground in Ukraine, the co-hosts discussed the implications of aid for Ukraine being stalled in Congress, as Russian forces advance.

Engel, who has been speaking with Ukrainian forces, said “shortages of ammunition are now so extreme that they’re counting bullets. They are rationing their artillery rounds. They are rationing their regular ammunition that they put into their rifles.”

“Once you start losing territory and once you start having to go on the back foot and retreat, you can lose territory quite quickly,” Engel added. 

Co-host Willie Geist noted that the lack of aid is evident and “why President Zelenskyy is desperately asking the United States and this Congress to get some aid in their direction.”

Joe Scarborough blamed the Republican party for the current situation saying, “The hypocrisy of these Trumpers who always bitch and moan about other countries not doing their fair share, not doing their part.”

“Right now, it is Donald Trump and Mike Johnson who are aiding and assisting,” the “Morning Joe” co-host continued. “Right now, those two people are Vladimir Putin’s best friends, not only in the United States but across the world.”

“Those two people are what stands between Congress passing aid and not passing aid to help the Ukrainian people push back on a Russian invasion that just unleashed one human rights violation after another,” Scarborough said. 


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