‘Morning Joe’ Questions Christian Loyalty to Trump Amid ‘Dehumanizing’ Rhetoric: ‘Most Evil Approach to American Politics’

“It is a moral inversion,” Peter Wehner said. “Not only wandered away from that ethic, but they’ve inverted it” 

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” questioned why Christians are showing consistent loyalty to Donald Trump as he continues to use inflammatory rhetoric contrary to the faith. 

Contributing writer at The Atlantic Peter Wehner joined the show on Monday after publishing a piece titled “Have you listened lately to what Trump is saying?

Co-host Mika Brzezinski noted that the piece looks at the “impact of Donald Trump’s extreme language and it seemed to set Trump off.” Wehner’s story said that “Trump’s rhetoric is a permission slip for his supporters to dehumanize others just as he does.”

“Trump is doing two things at once, pushing the narrative that his enemies must be defeated while dissolving the natural inhibitions most human beings have against hating and harming others,” Wehner continued. “The evangelical movement in America has been reshaped by the sensibilities of Trump and MAGA world.”

“It is a rather remarkable indictment of those who claim to be followers of Jesus, that they would continue to show fealty to a man whose cruel ethic has always been antithetical to Jesus’s and becomes more so every day,” Wehner wrote. 

After reading an excerpt of the piece aloud, co-host Joe Scarborough said: “What you just wrote there is not a close call.”

Scarborough invoked his background, saying, “We read from the same Bible. It’s about reading the Bible and understanding what it says and understanding the conflict between Donald Trump and everything that Jesus teaches.”

“You’ve got a guy that some self-professed Christians are following, who talks about terminating the Constitution. He uses racist attacks like you said to dehumanize his enemies,” the co-host continued. 

“Who raised you?” Scarborough asked of Christian supporters of Trump. “And that’s the question I ask those people who are cheering on the assaults on 82-year-old men and the dehumanization of all political opponents.”

“It is a moral inversion,” replied Wehner. “Not only wandered away from that ethic, but they’ve inverted it.” 

Wehner says they are now “enthusiastically behind a person who embodies a kind of cruelty and dehumanization that is really unprecedented in American history. It’s the subordination of faith to politics, not just politics, but a particularly malicious and malignant kind of politics.”

“This is a kind of mass psychosis,” Wehner said. 

Scarborough chimed in saying that Republican voters have many choices, but “continue to choose the darkest, most evil approach to American politics.” 

“I share your your outrage,” replied Wehner. “ I would say it’s doubly so for those of us who are the Christian faith because this is a defamation of the Christian faith is doing tremendous injury.”


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