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‘Morning Joe’ Torches Republicans for SOTU Heckling: ‘Acting Like Jackasses Because They Can’t Deal With the Truth’ (Video)

Co-host Joe Scarborough was baffled that GOP legislators were booing facts and figures they brought to fruition under Trump

Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address from President Joe Biden at times turned into a rousing, colosseum-like event with cheers, applause and regular standing ovations from the Democrats – and jeers, boos and shouts of “liar!” from the Republican sector.

Covering the news Wednesday, “Morning Joe” replayed several instances where Biden was discussing the debt ceiling, social security and medicare, and how “nearly 25% for the entire national debt that took over 200 years to accumulate was added by just one administration alone” – Trump. Such statements of fact were met with boos from many Republicans, including Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who can be seen in her white fur standing and yelling “liar” across the House floor.

“They’re the facts, check it out,” Biden responded. “Check it out.”

“So if you’re at home and you’re not as much of a nerd as me and you don’t follow all this stuff, let me tell you something: They were booing reality, Republicans,” “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough began Wednesday. “When Joe Biden said that one administration raised the debt by more than the first 200 years of presidents, we’ve been saying it on the show: That’s the truth. The debt went up by 25%. When he said Republicans raised the debt ceiling three times during the Trump administration – why are they booing? They did it. Are they booing themselves for doing that?”

Then Scarborough, speaking to his morning panel alongside co-host Mika Brzezinski, said that there was one point in the evening that “really got” him.

“When he’s talking about how they’re talking about sunsetting social security and medicare for five years, nobody dreamed that up! That was the head of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee,” Scarborough said, adding that Biden “won’t say” the name of the senator in question, but he will.

“I will say his name, say his name! Rick Scott: the most powerful Republican in the United States Senate for running campaigns,” he said.

Scarborough concluded: “So they’re acting like jackasses because they can’t deal with the truth. They just can’t deal with the truth, and they make themselves look foolish.”

Watch the full “Morning Joe” segment in the video above.