‘Morning Joe’ Says GOP Provides ‘Aid and Comfort’ to Dictators by ‘Undermining’ the US Military: ‘I’m Sick and Tired’ of It! (Video)

“I don’t get why they hate the military so much,” the MSNBC host says

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough remains furious with his former party’s current treatment of the U.S. military, and on Wednesday, he put things bluntly: Republicans are “providing aid and comfort” to dictators worldwide as a result.

Scarborough has long been angry with Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville, who is actively blocking promotions in the military because it’s “top heavy” and there are already too many generals, and has claimed that he doesn’t know what Pentagon officials “do every day, but they’re more of giving advice.”

Scarborough isn’t the only one who’s upset about it. To kick off the “Morning Joe” segment, they played a clip of Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul on CNN, saying that “you know who’s enjoying this more than anybody… is Chairman Xi and China.” And Scarborough readily agreed to that.

“These Republicans that are standing in the way of funding the military, they’re providing aid and comfort to Xi,” Scarborough said. “They’re providing aid and comfort to Putin. They’re providing aid and comfort to the Iranians and every dictator, every tyrant that says that democracy does not work.”

Scarborough also reiterated his anger with claims that the military is “woke,” which makes them “weak.”

“I’m sick and tired of Republicans on Capitol Hill undermining [their strength], trying to undermine that, saying that they’re weak and they’re woke, they’re not,” Scarborough bellowed. “That’s a lie. That is a lie that is spread by these Trumpers. I don’t get why they hate the military so much.”

The “Morning Joe” host also noted that this “undermining” of the military is something that the Republican party used to actively fight against.

“This is what we Republicans, when I used to be a Republican, we would push back against,” he said. “This is what Republicans pushed back, or what conservatives pushed back against in the ’60s and the ’70s. And now you have Trump Republicans doing it.”

You can watch the full moment from “Morning Joe” in the video above.