Mortal Media’s Ryan Kalil on AI’s Impact in Sports and Entertainment: ‘It’s Going to Be Super Data-Driven’ (Video)

TheGrill 2023: “I think the immersiveness of entertainment, especially in the sports world, is going to be bananas,” Kalil says

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With the use of so-called “artificial intelligence” software one of the main issues that led both SAG-AFTRA and WGA to go on strike, Mortal Media’s Ryan Kalil thinks AI is going to have a big impact on both sports and entertainment.

“I am super fascinated with how coaches are going to use AI,” Kalil told Todd Burach, SVP and Team Leader, Sports & Family Office Banking, City National Bank at “GAME ON: The Intersection of Sports & Entertainment,” presented by City National Bank as part of The Grill 2023. “I think it’s going to trickle down to all youth sports, too. It’s going to be super data driven.”

Kalil added: “I think more exciting than that is going to be the spatial computing stuff, I think the immersiveness of entertainment, especially in the sports world, is going to be bananas.”

Kalil, a former NFL offensive lineman who played for both the Carolina Panthers and New York Jets, is looking at some companies in that space.

“There’s a couple of companies, we’ve been looking that are doing that space, especially as it relates to streaming, spatial computing streaming,” Kalil said. “I think it’s going to be nuts I think you’re going to be inside the game in a way that you never were before.”

Make Plays Media founder Scott Braun added, “We are utilizing (AI) at our company already.”

“We’re pumping out hours of content every day, and we’re still a new company. So it helps a little bit with creative.”

Braun said his company utilizes AI for “getting a lot of the busy work done that we just don’t have the people power for right now.”

Watch the panel in full in the embed below:

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