MoviePass Co-Founder Stacy Spikes Details Relaunch Plans: For Starters, ‘It’s Not Going to Be $10’ Per Month

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“Things that we did before that made the company great…we want to bring those back,” Spikes tells TheWrap

stacy spikes moviepass
Photo illustration by TheWrap (Getty Images)

MoviePass is back, but not in the way you expect. The subscription-based movie ticketing company’s co-founder Stacy Spikes bought back his old company out of bankruptcy just last week, and his team is moving quickly to relaunch the service as soon as summer movie season 2022.

But the company that you knew — the one that exploded to as many as 3 million users when the subscription fee was slashed from up to $50 to $10 per month, received an enormous number of sign-ups rapidly and then spectacularly flamed out with bugs and confusion when that low price proved financially unsustainable — will be a lot closer to the MoviePass from before all that happened.