MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Fox News’ Ed Henry Trash Talk John McCain on Hot Mic (Video)

The two White House reporters take shots at the Arizona senator

A conservative blogger caught MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Fox News’ Ed Henry mocking Sen. John McCain before a White House press conference on Thursday.

The two White House reporters were awaiting President Obama’s comments on developments in Iraq, when Todd asked Henry about McCain, who argued that the United States should conduct airstrikes in the region.

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“Did anybody check John McCain, is he OK?” Todd said. “Now that David Petraeus came out against…”

“I know!” Henry said.

“I’ve got to think McCain must have had heart palpitations,” Todd said.

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“What’s funny is that McCain was on our air an hour ago saying we should send Petraeus to Iraq,” Henry said.

“That’s what’s amazing. He’s wanting Petraeus to be like the guy, and Petraeus is saying, ‘Hey, we’re not taking sides,'” Todd said.

Sen. McCain’s office was quick to condemn not only the reporters’ comments but also the network and media’s “liberal bias.”

“It’s not like further evidence was needed to prove the liberal bias at MSNBC and in the mainstream media, but Chuck Todd’s ‘hot mic’ comments asking if anyone ‘checked on’ Senator McCain for ‘heart palpitations’ over General Petraeus’ remarks on Iraq show just how quickly the media will try and discredit Senator McCain and anyone who questions President Obama — based on just one report of Petraeus’ statements,” McCain communications director Brian Rogers said in a statement.

“It should be embarrassing for MSNBC — but likely isn’t — to see that in another interview just one day later General Petraeus said he would support targeted strikes against the ISIS terrorist army in Iraq, which is what Senator McCain has advocated — so no ‘heart palpitations’ necessary,” Rogers added.

Watch the video: