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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Slams GOP as ‘Loudly and Proudly the Pro-Death Party’ (Video)

Just look to the wildfires, the floods, the overwhelmed hospitals … or the Texas doctors offices forced to turn away women, ”The ReidOut“ host says

MSNBC’s Joy Reid believes Armageddon really is upon us.

On her Friday show, Reid pointed to a series of recent events — from wildfires to the recent COVID surge to the new Texas abortion ban — which she said help her see the Republican Party as “loudly and proudly the pro-death party.”

Reid, taking the GOP fully to task in a featured segment on the “The ReidOut” she calls “The Absolute Worst,” lined up the common points of current Republican policy — and knocked them down like bowling pins.

She started off with the undeterred reticence for masks and COVID vaccines.

“So you can’t call yourself a pro-life party if your policy goals are to allow the maximum number of people to die of COVID, including children, by banning mask mandates in businesses and schools and raising doubts about vaccines,” Reid said. “Especially if your policy ideas bring death to your own stars, and spokespeople and activists.

“Republicans are America’s most unvaccinated and vaccine-resistant group. And they are driving COVID cases and deaths, including among their own children — and other people’s children — and are largely responsible for the overwhelmed hospitals that we’re seeing today,” she added. “That’s not pro-family, and it’s definitely not pro-life.”

As she continued, Reid shifted her focus to Texas and its new abortion law, which imposes civil penalties on doctors and even Uber drivers who help women obtain abortions after six weeks of pregnancy — when many women are not even aware they are pregnant.

“You can’t call yourself the pro-life, pro-family party if your policy goals are to put bounty on women and to force teenage girls to give birth after getting pregnant as a result of incest and rape,” Reid said. “That’s literally the plot of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ But pro-life it is not. Especially if your other core policies are to oppose giving those children you demand to be born health care. If you oppose giving their parents a living wage so they can afford to feed them and you oppose funding free lunches at school if their parents can’t afford it.”

The GOP’s approach on environmental policy — and of course Trump — also back Reid’s assertion, she said.

“The Republican Party is a lot of things — anti-democracy, anti-voting, anti-history, anti-facts, deeply opposed to anti-racism. What they are not is pro-life. Just ask Gov. Tate Reeves of Mississippi, who told supporters at a fundraiser that, ‘Southerners belief in eternal life makes them less scared of COVID.’ OK. That is demonstrably pro-death statement. And the Republican Party has now revealed itself to be loudly and proudly the pro-death party. And for that, they are tonight’s ‘Absolute Worst.'”

Watch below or here for her full take on “The ReidOut.”