Murdoch’s Anti-Mask New York Post Institutes Mask Mandate for All Employees

NY Post, like other Murdoch publications, has repeatedly opposed COVID safety measures

COVID headlines New York Post

Murdoch-owned right wing outlets including New York Post and Fox News have run stories discounting public health and government officials and their guidance around masks and vaccination. Now they are having their employees adhere to the very policies they have been criticizing. And the latest: The Post is now requiring all employees to wear a mask in the office, according to a company memo obtained by CNN Business.

The memo specifies that employees are required to wear a mask and cover their faces when away from their desks or when speaking to colleagues. Owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, the latest mandate is a notable shift for a company that has been pushing anti-mask stories and broadcasts as the pandemic continues.

The Post has consistently published stories and opinion articles arguing against masks and other COVID safety measures in terms bordering on hyperbolic. For instance, an Aug. 10 op-ed bore the headline “Mask bullies don’t want to persuade you — but to humiliate and rule you.” A Dec. 16 article cited a dubious study that argued wearing a mask could be worse than without one for protecting against COVID-19. And a June 6 article argued masks are “pointless” and demanded Anthony Fauci be held accountable.

And in response to the news of the CDC’s guidance for vaccinated people to continue wearing masks, the tabloid’s editorial board called it “Madness.” As of this writing the Post has not clarified if it still considers such policies to be insane.

Meanwhile over at Fox News, a recent study found that an alarming 60% of the conservative news channel’s vaccine-related content promoted antivaxx sentiments. But internally the network plays a different tune, and recently instituted a vaccine mandate for all employees.

As for the general Fox News viewership, a Washington Post poll from last month found that 64% of people who get their COVID information from Fox News and other media sources are vaccinated — higher than the national average. The poll found that 59% of people who get their COVID information only from Fox news are vaccinated.


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