Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone Recreate Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s Movie Promo, Then Powell Shoots Back | Video

Then the “Anyone But You” director responds with a fake “The Curse” poster

Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone (A24)

Nathan Fielder teamed with his “The Curse” co-star Emma Stone for his latest deadpanned prank, a shot-for-shot recreation of the introductory clip Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney cut for their romantic comedy “Anyone But You.”

Fans of Fielder’s absurdist comedy can guess what came next. After Powell responded with a joke of his own, Fielder went even deeper into the bit, accusing “Anyone But You” studio Sony of straight up stealing the idea from him while pretending to absolve Powell and Sweeney of any blame.

And then Will Gluck, director of “Anyone But You” joined in with a fake poster for that film that makes it look like “The Curse.” It’s a lot, and it’s a lot of fun, so read on.

In the introductory clip for “Anyone But You” — which was released just one day ago — Sweeney and Powell stayed in character as people who really dislike one another as they argued about whose movie it actually is.

For the parody, Stone donned a blonde wig while she and Fielder, dressed in nearly identical clothes, mimicked the whole thing right down to the body language — head tilts, body language and all.

As usual this joke was a hit with Fielder’s fans, one of whom put together a handy side-by-side comparison:

“It doesn’t count unless you go the hole way…” Powell wrote on X, tagging Fielder.

Fielder shot back in a lengthy notes page statement that he tweeted after Powell in which he claimed actually, “Anyone But You” studio Sony stole the promo idea from “The Curse.”

“I’ve just been informed that the introductory clip leading into our trailer for The Curse which I posted on social media earlier today has similarities to the trailer introduction for the romcom movie Anyone But You,” he wrote. “I want to be very clear – we shot this promo over six months ago, and I am seriously concerned that the marketing team at Sony Pictures somehow saw our promo and copied it.”

Fielder brought in the struggle against AI for artists who “read the scripts [they] are given with unyielding trust” that the content is wholly original and not AI-generated. Much like the Tom Cruise promo of “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” and the cross-promotion between the two films, Fielder still had nothing but good things to say of the Powell-Sweeney rom-com.

“It’s unfortunate that Sydney, Glen, Emma and myself have been put in this situation. But this will not stop us from supporting each others successes, and I know that both Emma and myself will personally be booking front row seats to Anyone But You on opening night.”

And them came Gluck, whose contribution to this joke war speaks for itself:

Two episodes of “The Curse” are currently available to watch via Paramount+ or on Hulu with Showtime. “Anyone But You” arrives December 22, 2023.

Watch the actual trailers for “The Curse” and “Anyone But You” below.


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