Naughty By Nature Rapper Treach Joins Cast of Action Film ‘The Getback’ (Exclusive)

“Veep” actress Sufe Bradshaw also joins film from director Jared Cohn

Treach and Sufe Bradshaw
Getty Images

Legendary Naughty by Nature rapper Anthony “Treach” Criss has joined the upcoming action film, “The Getback,” set to air on Tubi this year. “Veep” alum Sufe Bradshaw has also joined.

“The Getback” tells the story of Mal Cooper (Theo Rossi), an ex-cop-turned-bounty hunter hired to bring in a slippery accountant whose testimony is crucial to the trial a major gang boss. The pair must work and trust each other to slip by crooked killer cops and mercenaries out for blood. 

Treach plays Alonzo Beaumont, “a notorious gangster awaiting his trial date in jail, whose entire case may (or may not) depend on the successful retrieval of his flighty accountant,” per the official description. 

Bradshaw meanwhile plays Mal Cooper’s former partner, Detective Hatch, who helps Cooper from inside the police to learn who is trying to have the witness murdered.

Treach is no stranger to acting. His credits date back 1992 in the crime thriller film “Juice,” directed by Ernest R. Dickerson and also staring Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur, Jermaine Hopkins and Khalil Kain.

The Naughty by Nature star is pulling double-duty, filming “The Getback,” while also touring in the stage play adaptation of the film, “New Jack City.” 

Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding, Scream VI), Shane Paul McGhie (“American Skin,” “Deputy”), Sufe Bradshaw (“Veep”), and Kim Coates (“Sons of Anarchy,” Goon,” “White House Plumbers”) round out the cast.

“The Getback” is directed by Jared Cohn and written by Chad Law and Garry Charles. Demetrius Stear, Jubal Ace Kohn, Carolina Brasil, and Chadwick Struck are all producing the film. Daniel Figueiredo, Ryan Francis, Richard Switzer, Ian Niles, Frederico Rezende’Bastos, Jon Lootens, and Law are all executive producers. 

“The Getback,” is the first of four in a four-picture deal between Tubi and Mutiny Films, with the streamer to premiere the movie in 2023 exclusively.