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Hollywood and NBA Broadcasters Outraged Over LA Clippers Owner’s Racist Remarks

Charles Barkley calls for Donald Sterling’s immediate suspension, and ”Anchorman“ director Adam McKay is giving up his season tickets

Donald Sterling faced universal condemnation from members of the media and Hollywood on Saturday, following the release by TMZ of a nine minute tape in which the LA Clippers owner admonishes his girlfriend for publicly associating with black people.

Magic Johnson, whom Sterling targeted in the rant, has pledged to never attend a Clippers game so long as their current ownership stays in place, and Snoop Dogg minced no words in an expletive-laden Instagram post directed at Sterling earlier on Saturday.

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As the afternoon wore on, more people made their opinions known, including the former NBA stars that serve as commentators on TNT’s coverage of the NBA.

“You can’t have this guy making statements like that,” Charles Barkley said. “He has to suspend him and fine him immediately. The problem I have with it is, if someone wants to be racist, that’s alright, that’s their thing. But when you’re in a position of power and you can take jobs and economic opportunity from people, that’s what crosses the line. You cannot have an NBA discriminating — we’re a black league.”

During a conversation about whether the current Clippers team should play in its next playoff game, Shaquille O’Neal was firmly on the side of taking the court. “As a player, they should not let this stop them or discourage them from trying to win a championship,” O’Neal, who won four NBA titles, said.

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Below, find reactions from others, including NBA MVP LeBron James “Anchorman” director and Clippers’ season ticket holder, Adam McKay.





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