NBC News’ Dr. Nancy Snyderman ‘Was Not Putting Others at Risk,’ Says CDC Director (Video)

Dr. Thomas Frieden comes to the Ebola-exposed medical reporter’s defense on CNN’s “Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer”

Ebola-exposed Dr. Nancy Snyderman has been under fire this week for violating her voluntary quarantine, which has caused her and the rest of her NBC News crew to be placed under mandatory quarantine.

Snyderman, though, may have just gained a pretty strong supporter. Center for Disease Control director Dr. Thomas Frieden appeared on CNN’s “Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer” and actually cleared Snyderman of being a danger to others.

“How serious was the violation by NBC News’ Dr. Nancy Snyderman, of the violation of what was called her mandatory quarantine? I guess the bottom line question, did she potentially put anyone at risk?” Blitzer asked.

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Frieden avoided answering Blitzer’s question at first, spending time describing the protocols for monitoring one’s temperature, keeping an eye on Ebola symptoms and seeking medical care.

Then, Blitzer pressed, “So did she put anyone at risk?”

The CDC chief then answered, “If she was not sick, she was not putting others at risk.”

Snyderman’s current mandatory quarantine is enforced by the New Jersey Health Department.

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As TheWrap previously reported, a cameraman working with Snyderman tested positive for the deadly virus in early October. The NBC news crew agreed to a voluntary quarantine upon their return from West Africa. Snyderman was allegedly seen outside Peasant Grill in Hopewell, N.J.

Watch the video above.