NBCUniversal Details ‘The Next Evolution’ of Advertising and Partnership Interface One Platform

The media company’s aim is to make it “easier for any sized business to work with NBCU”

NBCUniversal logo (NBCUniversal)

After launching One Platform in November 2022, NBCUniversal is evolving its data, measurement, ad tech and ad innovation interface for advertisers.

Under the newly “converged team for a converged marketplace,” according to a statement, the network’s aim is “making [it] easier for any sized business to work with NBCU.”

One Platform was launched on what NBCU refers to as four pillars: data and identify, activation and automation, ad innovation and measurement. The company will demo the new suite of tools at its third annual Developer Conference One23 in New York City on Feb. 8.

With the new structure, the company is streamlining operations to be able to partner with any company and “equally compete with the social platforms and baseline media companies.”

The new details in the evolution of One Platform were explained further in a blog post from NBC Universal’s Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Global Advertising and Partnerships, published on Tuesday morning titled “Built to Adapt, Adapting to Build: The Next Evolution of Our One Platform Organization.”  

Yaccarino highlighted NBCU’s growth as a partnership platform to position the company’s ad efforts as technology product experts.

NBCUniversal announced “tripling” its investments in this area, having formed a new team that will be tasked with building “out resources for small businesses, plus combined NBCU’s Direct to Consumer sales team and other digital native expertise to support businesses that have never considered TV, and speak to them in a language that helps these new clients use our platform.”