‘That ’90s Show’ Stages a Historic Sweep of the Streaming Top 10 | Charts

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The Netflix spinoff dominated the week, while NBC outpaced other broadcast networks with “Night Court” joining the leaderboard

Sam Morelos, Reyn Doi, Mace Coronel and Ashley Aufderheide star in "That ‘90s Show" (Patrick Wymore/Netflix)

Hello, Wisconsin! This week, ’90s fashion isn’t the only thing making a comeback, as the latest Wrap Report highlights.

Nearly two decades after the final episode of “That ’70s Show” aired, audiences were ready to return to the Formans’ basement, according to the report, which uses TV viewership trends analyzed from Samba TV’s household panel of over 25 million connected TVs, including both linear and streaming consumption. “That ’90s Show,” a nostalgic spinoff featuring characters who are relatives of the original ones, ran the tables and claimed every single spot on the top 10 most-watched streaming charts for the past week.