Tyler Dean Flores Proves He’s No Reggaeton One-Hit Wonder in ‘Neon’ Trailer (Video)

The Daddy Yankee-executive produced Netflix series follows the journey of a budding artist while highlighting Latinx culture

Netflix’s official trailer for its upcoming Daddy Yankee-executive produced series “Neon” showed its star, Santi, (Tyler Dean Flores) is no “one-hit-wonder.”

“This is it, we’re moving to Miami,” says Felix (Jordan Mendoza) in the trailer’s opening.

“I’m going to be the biggest Reggaeton star in the world,” Santi chimes in.

And Santi means what he says, as he and his two friends Ness (Emma Ferreira) and Felix set their sights on South Florida to pursue their dreams of putting Santi on the map as a Reggaeton artist in the music industry — even it means preparing for the biggest meeting of their lives inside a gas station bathroom or living in a 2009 Toyota Corolla.

Despite the odds against them, “We have a plan,” says Ness, who acts as Santi’s manager alongside Felix, who serves as Santi’s creative director. Together, the trio is determined to show the world they aren’t some “loser wannabes.”

The trailer goes on to take viewers through some of what they can expect to see in the season, including challenging performances, working with little to no money, working with other aspiring artists and even discussing some culturally centered topics.

“Well, according to my team, I need to tap into my Latina identity. Or is it Latino? Latine, Latinx? I really don’t know what we’re supposed to say anymore,” says Isa, who is played by Genesis Rodriguez.

The cast includes Flores, Ferreira, Mendoza and Courtney Taylor.

Here’s a synopsis of the series:

From small-town Florida to the bustling beaches and bright lights of Miami, Neon follows three friends as they hustle their way to making it big in the world of reggaeton. The eight-episode comedy captures not only the three besties’ larger-than-life dreams, but also the harsh realities and funny mishaps of surviving the music industry. Tyler Dean Flores plays Santi, a rising reggaeton artist who, with the help of his friends Ness, Felix, and A&R rep Mia, hopes to become the biggest star in reggaeton. Or at least pay his rent.

The comedy series, which was co-created by Shea Serrano and Max Searle, will premiere all eight episodes on the streamer on Oct. 19. The series is executive produced by Yankee, Serrano, Searle and SB Project’s Anne Clements. Serrano and Searle will also serve as showrunners.


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