Netflix Adds Account Profile Transfer Option: Here’s What That Means

Previously, users could only move a profile from an existing account to a brand-new one

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John Mulaney (Netflix)

Netflix added the ability to move your profile between existing accounts on Tuesday. This means users can relocate a profile and all its contents (viewing history, saved titles, etc.) from one account to another.

Say, for example, you move out of your mom’s house and no longer plan to share a Netflix account with her. With Netflix’s new household-centric account rules and active crackdown on password sharing, you may think you have to leave your profile and all its custom-tailored content behind when you shift to mooching off your new roommate’s Netflix subscription.

Up until Tuesday, that was the situation: You could only move a profile from an existing account to a brand-new one, meaning you’d have to sign up for Netflix yourself if you wanted to move your profile anywhere. Now, you can take your profile between accounts, meaning you and your saved watch list can bounce between different people’s Netflix subscriptions. As such, so long as you live with someone who has a Netflix subscription, you can take your already-established profile to their sub and avoid paying a premium for the streamer’s offerings.

A Netflix representative pointed to an update added to their blog detailing the profile transferring utility. “This was a much-requested feature from our members, and we’re excited to roll it out to everyone,” the representative said.

This feature update comes not only after Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown (which was designed to stop people from sharing passwords with each other when they’re not living together), but amid heightened streaming competition.

For example, Warner Bros. Discovery’s revised HBO Max branding, now just “Max,” is trying to lure people in with tiered subs and a refreshed user experience. Not to mention, there are competitors such as Disney+ and Paramount+ at every turn, meaning making a streaming platform as user-friendly as possible is a key part of standing out.

It appears Netflix is balancing that consumer-friendly approach with its efforts to have as many individuals paying for subscriptions as possible. Its password-sharing restriction boosted subscriptions to the service in a big way, essentially confirming that at least in the short-term, the move paid off.