‘Shadow and Bone,’ ’Designated Survivor’ Rank as Netflix’s Most-Watched Canceled Shows | Analysis

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TheWrap sorted through 1,000 most-watched titles to try to answer the question: What does it take to cancel a Netflix original?

Shadow and Bone, Designated Survivor, 1899
“Shadow and Bone,” “Designated Survivor” and “1899” (Netflix)

For years, Netflix subscribers and TV nerds have been haunted by the same question: What does it take to cancel a Netflix original show? Thanks to Netflix’s recently released transparency report, we’re one step closer to answering that question.

The company has often stated that its cancellations come down to cost versus viewership. But exactly what does that ratio look like for some of the streamer’s biggest titles? 

TheWrap reviewed the 1,000 most-streamed titles on Netflix from January to June of 2023 and found the most-streamed originals that Netflix has canceled. This list came from the transparency report Netflix released at the end of 2023 that ranked a total 18,214 movies, miniseries and show seasons that were globally watched during this time period for at least 100,000 hours or more.


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