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Check Out This New Clip of Captain Marvel Fighting a Dude on Top of a Train (Video)

The new ”Captain Marvel“ clip includes some new footage of a younger Agent Coulson

It feels like it’s been about 800 years since “Ant-Man and the Wasp” came out last summer and initiated the longest drought between movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in years, but we’re now just five weeks away from the end of that drought with “Captain Marvel” hitting screens on March 8.

Marvel Studios is ramping up the hype train now, dropping an actual scene from the movie on YouTube Saturday morning that shows an extended look of the sequence in which Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) fights against a disguised Skrull on top of a Los Angeles Metro train.

We’ve seen portions of this sequence before in various trailers. The start of this scene was the most talked about part of the first trailer — you know, the part where Captain Marvel punches an old lady who, we assume, is actually a shapeshifting alien Skrull pretending to be human.

The clip here focuses on the part of the fight that takes place on the roof of the train, though it’s likely a condensed version of the sequence. Here she’s doing battle with an extremely dad-looking guy wearing a suburbanite sweater and khakis, an amusing detail we had not seen before. I guess the Skrulls are going all in on being as boring looking as possible while they try to hide.

Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg also make a brief appearance in the clip as de-aged Nick Fury and Phil Coulson. This is just the second time we’ve seen Coulson in the “Captain Marvel” marketing and the first time we’ve seen him speak.

We assume this bit takes place pretty early in the movie, when Carol first arrives on Earth to hunt these Skrulls. It seems like Fury and Coulson are not working with her at this point, and are instead just following the fight to try to figure out what’s going on.

But that’s just our guess. We’ll find out for sure on March 8.

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