New ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Trailer Offers a Slightly Naughtier Wes Anderson (Video)

The red band trailer for the film, a hit in limited release, has a bit more edge to it

With a record-setting limited release weekend as evidence that hardcore Wes Anderson fans and cinephiles will show up in droves to see the film, Fox Searchlight is working to broaden the appeal of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” ahead of its wide opening.

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The red band trailer for the film, which features Ralph Fiennes as the concierge of a luxurious and opulent hotel in the mountains of a fictional alpine country, is hardly scandalous. That’s just not Wes Anderson‘s style.

But this film, the writer/director’s first real caper, is also his most salacious, in its own modest way.

There are gun fights, plenty of sex jokes, a bit of nudity — see if you can spot Tilda Swinton, and pseudo-Nazis. It’s still probably for the faint of heart, but there’s some edge there, too.