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New Jersey Lawmakers — Like ‘Jersey Shore’ — Nothing But Bunch of Cash, Fame-Seeking ‘Guidos’

Lawmakers ask MTV to take show off air; what they really want is attention

Like the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” this is getting stupid – one shot at a time.

Here’s the situation, literally.

First, it was the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau, which issued a press release blasting MTV’s "one-dimensional," guido-filled portrayal of its pristine home.

The press release was issued on a Friday, the day after the show’s debut. And again on the following Monday (“REPEAT ALERT: Jersey Shore Reacts to ‘Jersey Shore’”) this time with links to local attractions, hotels and shopping:

At the Shoppes at the Arcade, for instance, vendors include Anglesea Treasures, with such eye-popping home decor as an $850 pair of metal dogs.

Then there was the Lower East Side burrito joint looking to cash in on Snooki’s skyrocketing face. (As Hollywood Life’s Corynne Steindler rather dutifully asked, “Would you eat a Snooki taco?”)

And now we have the New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus, whose chairman fired off a letter to Viacom this week asking that the show be taken off the air.

According to this report, state lawmakers have asked advertisers to boycott the show.

OK. Can everyone just calm down. It’s a #%$#ing reality show. Which, in 2009, as ever American knows, means “unreality.” Or “entertainment.” Or “bats— insanity.”

The fact that these lawmakers and tourism officials are up in biceps over the existence of "Jersey Shore" means they smell more than Snooki’s taco here: They smell an opportunity to cash in on the fist-pumping alterniverse, just like Viacom. Just like MTV. Hell, just like Jay Leno.

If heatseeking missiles like this Jersey caucus chairman really wanted “Jersey Shore” off the air, they’d shut up about it.

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