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‘Star Wars’ New Millennium Falcon Footage Revealed by J.J. Abrams (Video)

What a beautiful hunka junk

No words necessary.

J.J. Abrams‘ Bad Robot quietly uploaded a new video of the iconic Millennium Falcon on Thursday, giving “Star Wars” fans their closest look yet at Han Solo’s trusty “hunka junk,” as the YouTube video describes it.

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It also has a Batmobile tumblr on the bottom, a joke directed toward “Batman V Superman” director Zack Snyder, who joked that a Stormtrooper hijacked Batman’s own iconic cruiser.

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Notoriously secretive, Abrams has been a bit more open during the production of “Star Wars: Episode VII,” using fans’ desperate need for details to raise money for charity and send people into a frenzy just for fun.