For the New York Post, Tiger Woods More Important Than 9/11

Golfer on cover for 20th consecutive day – one more than Sept. 11 attacks

Tiger Woods appeared on the cover of the New York Post today, just as he has every day for the last 20. As has been noted in this column and elsewhere (Mediaite, Newsday et al), that’s one more than the 9/11 terrorist attacks appeared on the front cover of the tabloid.

But unlike 9/11, it seems the New York Post thinks its readers are immune to Tiger fatigue.

So what new wrinkle in Tigerland landed him on the cover this time? A report that he’s been watching cartoons and eating cereal. (When exactly did Tiger turn into Seinfeld?)

Elsewhere, the Wall Street Journal had three of its reporters dig into a story that had already been reported by the New York Post nearly two weeks ago: that the Woods camp cut a deal with the National Enquirer not to publish photos of Woods’ “transgressions” in exchange for a rare interview that ran in Men’s Health, a magazine that, like the Enquirer, is owned by American Media. (The Journal fails to give the Post credit for its scoop — which is odd, considering they’re both owned by News Corp.!)

And, as my colleague Joe Adalian notes on TV MoJoe, a “Dateline” exposé on Woods (“The Secret Life of Tiger Woods”) is getting recut for an hourlong show on TLC of all places, replete with “with all new bimbo eruptions.”