New York Times Journalist Injured In Iraq Helicopter Crash

Longtime war correspondent Alissa J. Rubin broke her wrists and suffered a concussion

Last Updated: August 12, 2014 @ 9:39 AM

A New York Times journalist was injured in a helicopter crash in which the pilot died and other passengers were also injured.

The Times reported on Wednesday that Alissa J. Rubin, 56, suffered an apparent concussion and broken wrists. The copter was carrying aid from Iraq’s Kurdish autonomous government to Yazidi refugees in northern Iraq’s Sinjar mountains.

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Rubin, the Times’ Paris bureau chief and a longtime war correspondent, was on assignment with freelance photographer Adam Ferguson, 35. He was not injured.

Several Yazidi evacuees were also on board. The Kurdish regional government sent two rescue helicopters to take survivors to safety.

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A Kurdish official said the crash was an accident, but the cause is not yet clear.

The Yazidi, a religious minority in Iraq, fled by the thousands to the Sinjar mountains after being targeted by the militant group ISIS, which has demanded that members of the Kurdish-speaking religious group convert to Islam or die.

Kurdish officials told the Times that there is no evidence that members of ISIS were anywhere nearby the crash site.

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