‘Jeopardy!’ Pays Homage to Nicole Kidman’s AMC Ad in Hilarious String of Category Names

Host Ken Jennings credited the game show’s writers for making his “holiday wish come true”

If you were watching “Jeopardy!” Thursday night, your ears may have perked up with a recognizable Nicole Kidman-inspired string of categories: “We Come To This Place For…,” “Magic” and “Nicole Kidman Says,” the latter of which featured five questions concerning the movie or television show containing a given Kidman quote.

Of course, these three categories were the series’ way of paying homage to one of the breakout sensations of 2022: Kidman’s AMC ad that plays in theaters before each showing.

Now, host Ken Jennings has claimed credit for the winking titles, tweeting Friday morning that it was his holiday wish to sneak them on air.

“This was my fault and I want to thank the very indulgent and talented @Jeopardy! writers who made my holiday wish come true,” Jennings wrote.

One answer under “We Come to This Place For…” was “Laughs, at this L.A. ‘Store’ opened in 1972 on Sunset Blvd., with notable alumni like Billy Crystal and Eddie Murphy.” The correct question was, of course, “What is The Comedy Store?”

Amusingly, the questions under “Nicole Kidman Says,” which quoted her Oscar-winning role in “The Hours” and her buzzy role in HBO’s “Big Little Lies,” went unanswered by the three contestants while quotes from “The Stepford Wives,” “Days of Thunder” and “Moulin Rouge” were quickly buzzed in.

The clues related to magic were related to the late Ricky Jay, the phrase “hocus pocus,” Mary Poppins’ magical umbrella and (for that round’s Daily Double) David Copperfield.

The viral AMC ad, which has played prior to most AMC movies since late 2021 has become a tongue-in-cheek sensation unto itself, has previously been spoofed on “Saturday Night Live” with Chloe Fineman impersonating the Oscar-winning Australian. A follow-up ad starring Kidman has also been promised by AMC CEO Adam Aron.

Kidman, most recently seen in “The Northman” and scheduled to receive the 2023 AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, has yet to comment on Jennings’ self-described indulgence.