Nicole Kidman’s Trippy Wellness Resort Is Either ‘Bats– or the Real Deal’ in Hulu’s ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Trailer (Video)

Melissa McCarthy is leaning heavily toward “bats—“

Hulu released the trailer for its limited series adaptation of “Nine Perfect Strangers” on Thursday, introducing viewers to Nicole Kidman’s character Masha and her trippy boutique health-and-wellness resort, a place that promises healing and transformation to nine stressed city dwellers.

Per Hulu, “Watching over them during this 10-day retreat is the resort’s director, Masha, a woman on a mission to reinvigorate their tired minds and bodies. However, these nine ‘perfect’ strangers have no idea what is about to hit them.”

In the “Nine Perfect Strangesr” trailer, Masha tells her guests, “You want to get well? You want to heal? Surrender yourself to me. I’m going to fix you.”

But Melissa McCarthy’s character, who is among the nine guests staying at the retreat looking for a better life, wonders if Masha is “bats— or the real deal.” It looks like she’s leaning more toward “bats—,” but the jury is still out until the group gets some real answers about what is happening to them. And if Masha’s use of the word “protocol” and “perfectly safe” to her employees is any indication, what’s happening to guests might not be good. However, she tells her customers “there is nothing to fear, because this is going to change everything.”

Based on The New York Times bestselling book of the same name by author Liane Moriarty, “Nine Perfect Strangers” stars Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Bobby Cannavale, Regina Hall, Samara Weaving, Melvin Gregg, Asher Keddie, Grace Van Patten, Tiffany Boone and Manny Jacinto.

The limited series is co-written by David E. Kelley, John Henry Butterworth and Samantha Strauss, with Kelley serving as showrunner. Along with Kelley, Butterworth and Strauss, executive producers include Bruna Papandrea, Steve Hutensky and Jodi Matterson for Made Up Stories, Kidman and Per Saari for Blossom Films, McCarthy, Moriarty, Jonathan Levine (who directs all eight episodes) and Molly Allen.

The show hails from Endeavor Content.

“Nine Perfect Strangers” premieres Aug. 18 on Hulu. New episodes of the limited series will begin rolling out weekly after the initial launch.


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