‘Nocturnal Animals’ Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams Deal With Consequences of ‘Brutal’ Breakup (Video)

Focus Features is releasing writer-director Tom Ford’s latest drama on Nov. 18

Last Updated: October 21, 2016 @ 10:10 AM

The latest trailer for Tom Ford‘s festival hit “Nocturnal Animals” shows there is no shortage of conflict in the drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams.

The A-list pair plays a divorced couple still at odds with each other, probably because Adams’ character admits, “I did something horrible to him. I left him in a brutal way.”

What exactly she did remains a mystery — at least for those who didn’t read author Austin Wright’s novel “Tony and Susan,” which writer-director Ford based the film on.

Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher and Armie Hammer co-star in Focus Features’ Nov. 18 limited release.

TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly described “Nocturnal Animals” as “nothing short of stunning” after viewing it at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the film garnered a rare applause from the audience.

The thriller received similar praise from TheWrap’s chief film critic Alonso Duralde, who wrote, “Ford’s sophomore effort is all the more impressive for being, essentially, two movies in one.” One part being a relationship drama, the other part a “down-and-dirty West Texas revenge thriller,” as the film jumps between the reality the characters live in, and events taking place in the debut novel written by Gyllenhaal’s character.

The trailer ends ominously with a gun shot and a character (presumably Gyllenhaal’s) saying, “Nobody gets away with what you did. Nobody.”

Watch the trailer above.