Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Gets Fictional Amusement Park Website, So Let’s Speculate About Clues

“Nope” lands in theaters in July

Jupiter's Claim from Nope

“Nope,” Jordan Peele’s new sci-fi thriller, doesn’t hit theaters until July 22, but you can visit the official site for the film’s fictional Wild West attraction Jupiter’s Claim right now.

Peele tweeted the link on Friday with no further explanation.

On the home page, there’s a popup message from cartoon character Ricky “Jupe” Park introducing himself as “former child actor and reality TV star of ‘Kid Sheriff’ fame.” That’s the same name as the character Steven Yuen plays. In the latest trailer, the actor tells attendees, “You are going to witness an absolute spectacle,” before shouting, “Are you ready?” as he stands in front of a mysteriously draped object.

The website says that Jupiter’s Claim is “the bestest darn California Gold Rush theme park in the Santa Clarita / Lancaster area!,” but just as in the movie, something sinister is going on beneath the sunny façade.

At first, the various locations in the theme park are pictured in bright daylight and scored to rousing, upbeat western music. But slowly each page turns dark, the daytime scenes become night and the music grows menacing.

Even the messages on the pages change. In the “daytime” setting of “P.O. Box,” the page reads, “Send a custom postcard to your friends back home about your unforgettable day at Jupiter’s Claim. Let ‘em know you miss them, but also that they’re missing out. Sign our Guestbook to tell the world how much fun you had, or even leave a message for me, Jupe!”

As the page goes into dark mode, the message is, “Let them know you miss them, but also that you might be missing, yourself.”

So will any of the characters go missing when the “spectacle” happens? Maybe. The strange events, which, yep, seem to be alien in nature, appear to have already claimed the life of Keith David’s character, judging from the trailer. We know about as much as you do, of course, so feel free to speculate wildly and let’s all meet back up when it comes out to see who was right.

“Nope” stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Michael Wincott.