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Norm Macdonald: Donald Trump Could Become a ‘Beloved President’

Comedian explains how he thinks Trump could surprise people

Norm Macdonald thinks “there is a good chance” that Donald Trump will become a “beloved president,” and laid out the reasons why in a series of tweets.

MacDonald’s public airing of his thoughts makes him a rarity in Hollywood — a celebrity willing to publicly entertain the possibility that Trump will succeed.

“Trump wanted money. He got it. Women. Got them. Power. Got it. And it is clear what Trump wants now. Love. Don’t bet against him getting it,” wrote MacDonald, the former anchor of Weekend Update on “Saturday Night Live.”

While MacDonald noted that he himself did not vote because he is Canadian — and said he wouldn’t vote if he could — he said Trump might surprise his critics, and compared him favorably to Hillary Clinton in some ways.

“Both candidates had very high unfavorables but one, Trump, was lighthearted and charming, the other strident,” MacDonald wrote. “It became clear Hillary was trying to run out the clock but I think the American people were on to that and didn’t like it.”

MacDonald also self-effacingly explained his reasons for not wanting to vote: “I know nothing about important things.”

As TheWrap first reported, Trump’s team is struggling to book A-list performers for his inaugural festivities, with two talent bookers saying they were offered ambassadorships if they could deliver marquee names. The inauguration team has its sights set on top-tier talents like Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Aretha Franklin, and are willing to pay steep fees for the performers.

Trump’s team has managed to enlist 16-year-old former “America’s Got Talent” star Jackie Evancho to sing the national anthem. They’ve also booked the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and, yes, the Radio City Rockettes.

Several high-caliber performers have already publicly rejected requests to take part in the Jan. 20 festivities, including Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, Elton John and operatic singer Andrea Bocelli.

Perhaps the Trump team should ask Macdonald to perform at the inauguration.

Here are MacDonald’s tweets: