‘The Nun II’ Scares Up $32 Million Box Office Opening

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While short of its 2018 predecessor, the latest New Line horror sequel is in line with other openings from the “Conjuring” series

Taissa Farmiga and Storm Reid in "The Nun II"
"The Nun II" (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Warner Bros. and New Line’s “The Nun II” is kicking off the fall box office with a solid $32 million estimated opening weekend after grossing $13.1 million on Friday from 3,728 theaters, matching prerelease projections.

The first “Nun” was released in 2018 as a spinoff of New Line’s lucrative “Conjuring” horror series, and is the highest grossing film in the franchise with a $53 million domestic opening and a $365 million global box office total against a reported $22 million budget.

“Nun II” has never been projected to reach the heights of its predecessor, but is still beating the $24 million opening of the 2021 film “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” which released simultaneously in theaters and on streaming.