Sit On It, Ojai! How ‘Happy Days’ Star Anson Williams Lost a Mayoral Race to a Yoga Instructor

Recounts! ”Popping“ Ballots! Lawsuits! Inside the bonkers politics of a tiny mountain town where nothing is as mellow as it seems

OJAI, Ca — It looked, for one brief shining moment, as if Potsie had pulled it off.

On election night last November, Anson Williams was up by about 100 votes, what in these parts counts as a commanding lead. There were still plenty of results left to tally in the hotly contested campaign for mayor of Ojai, California — where all of 3,604 ballots were cast in 2022 — but the 73-year-old former TV star was far enough ahead of his opponent, 59-year-old incumbent mayor and yoga instructor Betsy Stix, that a few days later Stix released a statement congratulating Williams on his victory.

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