And the Oscar Acting Nominees With the Most Audience Demand Are… | Charts

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Here’s how the 2022 Best Actor and Best Actress nominees stack up against each other in popularity, according to Parrot Analytics

Oscar Best Actor nominee Andrew Garfield, center, with Best Actress nominees Kristen Stewart, left, and Penélope Cruz, right. (Getty Images)

For those of you placing bets on the Oscars this year, here’s one more data point to factor in before making your picks — audience demand. 

While the Oscars (and most awards shows for that matter) have taken heat recently for being glaringly out of step with popular opinion, they’ve made moves to better align themselves with what the public wants. The nominees at the Emmys have been trending more in line with popular demand for years. And most recently, the Oscars have thrown in a Fan Favorite Movie award voted on via Twitter.

While the demand for these actors — as measured by Parrot