‘Ozark’ Season 4 First Look: Watch Marty and Wendy Clean Helen’s Blood Off Themselves (Video)

Final season kicks off right where Season 3 ended — and we mean RIGHT WHERE

We got our first look at the fourth and final — and apparently very bloody — season of “Ozark” Saturday at Netflix’s Tudum event. Oh yeah, we also got a premiere window: “Ozark” returns to the streaming service in 2022.

This first-look teaser picks up immediately where Season 3 ended, with Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde and Laura Linney’s Wendy Byrde cleaning Helen Pierce’s (Janet McTeer) blood off of themselves, considering the dire situation they’re in having flown to Mexico at the behest of their criminal boss Navarro. And probably re-considering a whole lot too.

“Ozark” Season 4 will be divided into two seven-episode halves. Netflix did not offer a specific window of time in which the series would debut in 2022, but we can reasonably expect Part 1 to drop sometime in Q1 or Q2 given that filming on the final season is nearly complete.

And that final season will not disappoint, if you believe Bateman, who is not only the show’s star but its most prolific director. In December, Bateman promised Jimmy Fallon — and less-famous “Ozark” fans, we imagine — that the cast and crew will “land the plane in a very satisfactory way.”

Bateman, who plays accountant-for-the-cartel Marty Byrde on “Ozark,” then handed out a key money-laundering tip.

“The only thing I’ve been able to absorb about money laundering through [doing the show], is that you need fake receipts,” he told the few people in the 30 Rock studio (and many more at home). “If you can get fake receipts, guys, we can all retire tomorrow.”

Watch their interview here.

Prior to that visit to “The Tonight Show,” Netflix announced the addition of five new cast members and the promotion of two others for the fourth and final season of “Ozark.”

Felix Solis, who plays Mexican drug cartel boss Omar Novarro, and Damian Young, who plays the right-hand man of Kansas City businessman (and big-time GOP wheeler-dealer) Charles Wilkes, will be upped to series regulars after being recurring players in the third season. Alfonso Herrera, Adam Rothenberg, Bruno Bichir, CC Castillo and Katrina Lenk are the newbies