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Pablo Schreiber Glad He Doesn’t Look Like ‘Orange Is the New Black’s’ Pornstache In Real Life (Video)

”The fact that [the public doesn’t] recognize me for that character is a very positive thing,“ he said on Thursday night’s ”Jimmy Kimmel Live“

Pablo Schreiber loves his character on Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black,” but he told Jimmy Kimmel that he also loves that he can completely leave him behind when he’s off the set. To take on the role of “Pornstache,” the mustache is glued onto his face each day for shooting, which means he gets to leave without it when he’s done.

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“One of the beautiful things about this character is that that is the ultimate disguise right there,” he said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday night. “With a character like that … people tend to probably want to throw things at me when they see me in public. And so the fact that they don’t recognize me for that character is a very positive thing.”

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Pornstache is a corrupt correctional officer who affects a reign of terror over the women of Litchfield, lording his power over them. Schreiber said that he’s gotten feedback via Tiwtter from actual correctional officers about Pornstache, and it’s been a little disconcerting.

“The main comment that they said was, ‘Wow, he’s so realistic,'” Schreiber said. “If that’s what correctional officers of America are doing–” Schreiber trailed off.

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“It’s very suspect,” Kimmel finished for him.

Schreiber did say that he loves that his character has such a crazy nickname. “It’s like the biggest gift you can get as an actor,” he told Kimmel. “We’re gonna give you a name that’s gonna be iconic and no one will ever forget.”

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“We’ll see how happy you are about that in 20 years. Ask Screech how much he likes that name,” Kimmel countered referring to the “Saved by the Bell” character portrayed by Dustin Diamond.

Schreiber had no retort for that one.