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‘Pacific Rim’ Blu-Ray Cover Strikes an ‘Iron Man 3’ Pose (Photo)

The cover art for the Warner Bros. release starring Charlie Hunnam is strikingly similar to the Marvel blockbuster’s

Guillermo del Toro’s giant-robot-versus-giant-monster science fiction flick was the highest grossing original movie of the summer, yet it’s Blue-ray package art is … not all that original, it turns out.

In fact, it’s nearly identical to the Blu-ray package art for another high-grossing summer blockbuster with lots of robots — “Iron Man 3” (see photos above).

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No, it’s not unusual for movie marketing to look very familiar (see every movie poster ever), and given the timing, this was almost surely an accident.

And you’ll note that both designs are simply showing the standard three-point landing pose that we’ve seen in every single genre movie since “The Matrix.” (Don’t believe us? See video below).