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‘Parks & Rec’ Season 7: Amy Poehler on What’s Next After the Flashforward

Says ”Parks“ is a show in which ”people leave, they get new jobs, they get married, they break up“

The season finale of “Parks and Recreation” ended with the kind of flashforward that sometimes ends a series. But NBC has already renewed “Parks” for a seventh season.

In its final moments, the series jumped one month forward — and then jumped another three years. Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) had three-year-old triplets with husband Ben (Adam Scott), and was running Midwestern national parks from a bustling office in Pawnee.

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The question is how Season 7 will pick up.

“What’s exciting about working on ‘Parks’ always is that we keep moving things forward and [are] never kind of sitting still as far as what happens to people,” Amy Poehler told TheWrap before Thursday’s season finale.

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She said “Parks” is a show in which “people leave, they get new jobs, they get married, they break up.”

“I think fans of ours will be really excited coming into Season 7 about what this season’s finale will mean,” she said.

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The flashforward spared Ben and Leslie three years of feeding and changing triplets. But big questions remain: Will Season 7 be set three years in the future? Or was the show previously set three years in the past? Will we ever learn what happened in the three years we missed? Maybe “Parks” will jump between the past and present, like “Lost.”

The show may need to bring back Patton Oswalt for a filibuster about how time travel works in “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

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