Greta Lee Rekindles a Childhood Romance in Trailer for A24 Drama ‘Past Lives’ (Video)

Celine Song’s feature directorial debut premieres this summer

A24 dropped the trailer for its latest film “Past Lives,” a romantic drama about two childhood friends who reunite 20 years after they last saw each other.

Played by Greta Lee (“Russian Doll”), Nora came to America from South Korea with her family as a young girl, and hasn’t seen Hae Sung (Teo Yoo, “Decision to Leave”) since then. When he comes to New York for a week, they fall into an easy familiarity, picking up where they left off.

The video opens with Greta reminiscing on their friendship as she explains to her husband (John Magaro) the meaning of “In-Yun”: “It means providence. Or fate.”

Asked if she believes in it, she says, “That’s just something Koreans say to seduce someone.”

When Hae Sung gets in touch about visiting, her husband encourages her to meet up with him. Still, he can’t help but note “what a good story this is”: “Childhood sweethearts who reconnect 20 years later and realize they were meant for each other. In the story I would be the evil white American husband standing in the way of destiny.”

Sparks fly as they spend the week together, exploring their past and wondering what could have been if Nora hadn’t moved away.

The feature directorial debut of playwright and screenwriter Celine Song, “Past Lives” debuted at Sundance in January to widespread acclaim. In his review for TheWrap, Carlos Aguilar called the film “an exquisitely wistful drama that speaks with an honesty so affectingly crisp it will turn your conceptions of love, identity and fate on their head.”

“Past Lives” debuts exclusively in theaters this summer.

Check out the trailer above.