Comcast to Launch Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+ Bundle

The streaming wars give way to the bundle wars

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On the heels of the massive news that Max, Disney+ and Hulu are teaming up for a streaming bundle offering later this year, a competing bundle has entered the ring.

Comcast will launch a bundle that includes Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+ at a “vastly reduced price” later this month, Comcast chief Brian Roberts revealed Tuesday at MoffettNathanson’s 2024 Media, Internet and Communications Conference in New York.

The new bundle is called StreamSaver and will be available to all Comcast broadband, TV and mobile customers.

Pricing details were not revealed on Tuesday, but are expected to become clear soon as the bundle launches this month.

The news comes after Max teamed up with Disney+ and Hulu to launch a bundle of those three streaming services later this year. In contrast to StreamSaver, that bundle isn’t tied to any additional subscription — any consumer will be able to purchase it.

In explaining the move to team up with the competition, Warner Bros. Discover streaming chief J.B. Perette said the bundle would allow WBD to stay in its “lane” and make more focused content.

“We’re now getting back to all being great at what we do and swimming in the lanes that we are great at,” Perette said. “We can get back to investing in prioritizing our lanes and our key content, they can do theirs. Synthetically, these bundles allow us to do that while still providing the consumer with a very attractive price for the combination of products. Even if [the consumers] don’t use a service in one month, they still feel like they get great value, and they might use it the next month.”

There is also the sports streaming joint venture on the horizon from Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney and Fox, due to launch this fall as a sports-focused streaming service.

The era of contraction is fully underway.


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