Prince: 5 Stunning YouTube Performances Posted Since His Death (Video)

Mourning fans share their favorite Prince songs

prince sheila e erotic city

“When Doves Cry/Little Red Corvette” —

When he was alive, Prince went out of his way to keep his songs off the Internet. But in the days after his death, a flood of mourning fans opened their personal Prince vaults on YouTube. You can’t hurt Prince anymore by watching them.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame Medley —

If you’ve ever wondered how Prince would distill decades of genius into one 10-minute performance, this is how.

“Erotic City” —

The singing doesn’t start for three minutes, but the buildup is as good as the lyrics. Prince is at his most comedic, following Sheila E like a lost puppy before dancing like an Alice-in- Wonderland-playing-card marionette.

“I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” —

Prince plays up the melancholy in his most anthemic love song.

“Purple Rain” —

If the eight-minute album cut feels a little dry to you, this one’s a 20-minute downpour of feeling — with a 10-minute guitar solo that may make you rain tears.