Ricky Gervais Bitter Louis CK Never Thanked Him for His Career (Video)

“I discovered that big, sweaty slob,” Gervais told Seth Meyers on “Late Night.” “I’ve done everything for him”

Ricky Gervais and Louis C.K. will be facing off in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series at the 2014 Emmy Awards. Gervais was happy about it, until Seth Meyers pointed out how much he did for Louis C.K.’s career on “Late Night.”

“Before his show, you put him in a movie, you put him in your HBO special. Has he ever sort of thanked you for all the work you’ve done for him?” Meyers asked Gervais.

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“No,” Gervais said, really thinking about it. “No. I discovered that big, sweaty slob. I’ve done everything for him, haven’t I? … He’s never thanked me, and now he’s trying to take my award. This is dreadful.”

Gervais joked about the differences between awards shows in the U.K. and in America, saying that the American awards shows have stars in them. In the U.K. he just wins because he’s the star, but he has actual competition in the States.

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But his favorite thing about being nominated for his work on the Netflix import “Derek”?

“It annoys the people who don’t like you,” he told Meyers. “My career has become annoying people. I’m happy if they like it, but if they don’t like it, that’s good, too.”

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards airs Monday, August 25 at 8/7c on NBC.