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Rob Riggle Teases Penis Transformation for ’22 Jump Street’ on ‘Chelsea Lately’ (Video)

”I don’t have a penis in this one,“ the actor reveals. ”But they took what was left and turned it into something special“

It was probably one of the most disturbing and memorable sequences in “21 Jump Street,” and it was completely improvised. Rob Riggle broke down how he wound up with an amputated penis by the end of that film during an appearance on “Chelsea Lately” Thursday night.

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As has previously been revealed, the entire amputation sequence was improvised. In the original script, Riggle was supposed to get shot there, but not wind up sans penis. It took a collaborative moment of inspiration between Riggle and co-star Jonah Hill.

“We were trying to make each other laugh,” he said of filming that scene. “As they’re cuffing me … I just yell, ‘Pick up my thing,’ and they wouldn’t do it. And then Jonah leans [over] and goes, ‘Bend over and pick it up with your mouth.'”

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The director loved it, and demanded another take with a prop banana to stand in for Riggle’s missing part. But with Riggle back for “22 Jump Street,” it raises the question of whether or not his penis is back as well.

“I don’t have a penis in this one,” Riggle revealed when Chelsea Handler asked. “I did not get it back. But they took what was left and turned it into something special.” He wouldn’t say any more, though, urging the audience to “go see the movie” if they want to find out.