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Robert Pattinson Talks Lying, Erotic Spitting and Being Homeless on ‘Kimmel’ (Video)

He also says he caught his ”Rover“ co-star, Guy Pearce, massaging a senior citizen at 4 a.m. in the Australian Outback

Robert Pattinson previously told Jimmy Kimmel that he likes to “lie for no reason,” so it was hard to tell just how much truth — if any — seeped out of “The Rover” star’s mouth during “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday.

“Have you ever had someone spit on you in a kind of erotic way?” Pattinson asked Kimmel during the interview (above). “It’s pretty great.”

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The admission, or tall tale, came after Pattinson blurted out that he had “extraordinarily heavy saliva.” Whatever that means.

And the star of multi-billion dollar “Twilight” franchise says he’s homeless.

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“My parents borrowed my house, which I was borrowing from someone else, and kicked me out of it when I came back from Toronto,” Pattinson said. “So that’s the end of that, and I am now homeless again.”

When discussing “The Rover,” an apocalyptic thriller set and filmed in the Australian Outback, Pattinson revealed a very interesting side of his co-star Guy Pearce. Or, you know, completely fabricated it.

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“One night me and Scoot McNairy, who plays my brother, are looking for Guy and suddenly came to one light on in a house at 4 o’clock in the morning,” Pattinson said. “And Guy is giving this, like, 80-year-old woman a back massage with his shirt off.”

Kimmel said it best when he added, “I don’t know if this is one of your lies or not, but I like it.”

Here’s the rest of his very confusing interview: