Robin Williams Death: Meryl Streep Says It’s ‘Hard to Imagine Unstoppable Energy Stopped’

Streep speaks out on NBC’s “Today”

Meryl Streep paid tribute to Robin Williams on “Today,” saying it’s “hard to imagine unstoppable energy stopped.”

“He was such a generous soul,” she told Matt Lauer.

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Streep recalled how Williams was roommates with “Superman” star Christopher Reeve at Juilliard, and remained friends with Reeve and his wife, Dana. She noted that she had never worked with him herself.

“Today” was one of many news outlets that recounted the friendship between Williams and Reeve on Tuesday, a day after Williams died of an apparent suicide at 63. Willie Geist recalled how after Reeves’ crippling accident in 1995, as he awaited a risky surgery, Williams cheered him up by slapping on a latex glove and pretending to be a proctologist.

Watch the video:

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