Donald Glover’s One-Night Stand Inspired Rory Culkin’s ‘Swarm’ Nude Scene

Co-creator Janine Nabers spilled the details about the full-frontal moment taking off online

Rory Culkin and Donald Glover (Getty Images)
Rory Culkin and Donald Glover (Getty Images)

Rory Culkin’s nude scene was inspired by a one-night stand Donald Glover had. 

During a chat with Insider, co-creator Janine Nabers shared that the moment was recreated from a real-life event Glover had. 

“Donald told this very funny story about a girl who he really liked, and how after they hooked, he was standing there with a bowl of cherries, just being like, ‘Hey,’” Nabers told the outlet. “She was like, so not into it, because it’s so weird to hook up with a guy that you barely know and then wake up with him holding a bowl of cherries.” 

This prompted Nabers to include it in the show. 

“Swarm” fans online are responding to the scene that threw a lot of watchers off because, well, everyone got a full-frontal view of Culkin. 

“Was that Rory Culkin strawberry scene necessary?” one Twitter user asked. “Good morning to Rory Culkin only #Swarm,” said another.

The penis profile happens in Episode 1 after Dre (Dominique Fishback)no wakes up and realizes she’s lost her virginity to a stranger she met the night before at a bar. There, viewers see a completely naked Culkin, who is washing a glass bowl of strawberries. When he sits down, he offers Dre some fruit and then places the bowl down, resting it near his flaccid penis. 

The scene, just like Chlöe Bailey’s intense sex scene with Damson Idris, is blowing up online with some people loving it  and others being uncomfortable about it. 

“Swarm was okay but I feel like I went into it with high expectations having watched Atlanta but it was slay. I got to see rory culkin and that’s all that mattered,” a Twitter user proclaimed. “RORY CULKIN??? Lmaoooo how incredibly random but I love that #Swarm.”

“Swarm dropped on Amazon Prime Video on March 17.