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Rosie O’Donnell on ‘View’ Co-Host Nicolle Wallace: ‘There Isn’t Any Feud, Yet’

The liberal O’Donnell denies media reports that she and her Republican colleague are fighting off-camera

Rosie O’Donnell disputed media reports claiming that she and new “View” co-host Nicolle Wallace aren’t getting along.

“There isn’t any feud, yet,” O’Donnell told ExtraTV at her Rosie Theater Kids Gala on Monday night.

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“I don’t think there’ll be a feud,” O’Donnell said. “There wasn’t a feud between me and Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] until that day and then that feud was over because I left, right? It takes two to fight, and I chose not to.”

Wallace introduced herself as a “Republican” during the Season 18 premiere of “The View” last week. She fills the void left by Hasselbeck, who jumped Fox News, as the conservative voice on the all-female panel.

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“So there won’t be fighting,” O’Donnell said. “We might disagree about things like whether we should go to war in Syria, my answer would be no, unequivocally no, but other people have different feelings and that’s what the show’s about.”

Wallace, who was the sole “View” co-host in attendance at Rosie’s gala, also rebutted the feud claims.

“It’s so funny to me. I come from the world of politics where the things that actually happen never get out,” Wallace said. “Now, to be in the world of TV where something that never happened is everywhere, I’m still adjusting.”

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So far this season, the co-hosts of “The View” have had minimal on-air disagreements. Wallace has even sided with O’Donnell on several occasions, including coming out in favor of President Obama after his national address concerning ISIS.