WrapPRO Roundtable: Has Rotten Tomatoes Democratized Film Criticism – or Killed All Nuance?

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“I do have some issues with it being a little reductive and simplistic, fresh and rotten. I feel like some nuance can be lost there,” one movie critic says

During a lively discussion about popular online review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, two critics and a movie producer were, well, about 50% fresh on sharing the critic’s microphone with an algorithm.

On a panel moderated by TheWrap’s Diane Haithman, indie producer Mynette Louie (“I Carry You With Me,” “Swallow”) said she has long been a fan of Rotten Tomatoes, joking, “Because most of my films are Certified Fresh, I love it, it’s great.” She also praised how RT has “democratized” the critical playing field to include critics of color, as well as more female reviewers.

However, Louie remained skeptical about a “binary approach” to assessing a movie’s quality.


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