WrapPRO Roundtable: Has Rotten Tomatoes Democratized Film Criticism – or Killed All Nuance?

”I do have some issues with it being a little reductive and simplistic, fresh and rotten. I feel like some nuance can be lost there,“ one movie critic says

During a lively discussion about popular online review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, two critics and a movie producer were, well, about 50% fresh on sharing the critic’s microphone with an algorithm.

On a panel moderated by TheWrap’s Diane Haithman, indie producer Mynette Louie (“I Carry You With Me,” “Swallow”) said she has long been a fan of Rotten Tomatoes, joking, “Because most of my films are Certified Fresh, I love it, it’s great.” She also praised how RT has “democratized” the critical playing field to include critics of color, as well as more female reviewers.

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Diane Haithman

Diane Haithman

Senior Entertainment Business Reporter • diane@thewrap.com • @dhaithman