Rush Limbaugh Calls Bill Cosby a ‘Sexual Disgrace,’ Compares Him to Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Clinton, Michael Sam

“We’ve got all these Democrats, sexual predators out there … and nobody ever calls them on it,” Limbaugh says on his radio show

Rush Limbaugh is condemning Bill Cosby as another “sexual disgrace” in light of the damning deposition released Monday, claiming that liberal media has portrayed him as a hero.

In the newly-unsealed documents, the 77-year-old comedian admitted that he obtained Quaaludes to give to young women he intended to have sex with.

On his radio program “The Rush Limbaugh Show” on Tuesday, Limbaugh drew comparisons between Cosby and a number of other controversial figures he believes got a free pass with the media.

“Over here, Michael Sam. Over here, Caitlyn Jenner. Over here, Bill Cosby. Over here, Bill Clinton. Over here, Ted Kennedy. All heroes. All good guys in current American pop culture,” Limbaugh said.

“We’ve got all these Democrats, sexual predators out there, literally raping women — in Clinton’s case it was alleged — womanizing, treating women as secondary human beings and nobody ever calls them on it,” he continued.

However, conservatives like Justice Clarence Thomas, Limbaugh said, are on the opposite side and receive much more scrutiny.

Limbaugh believes Thomas is being unfairly targeted for his alleged sex scandal and is the subject of HBO’s upcoming movie “Confirmation.”

During Thomas’ confirmation hearings in the early 1990s, attorney Anita Hill accused him of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment. Despite the accusations, Thomas became a Supreme Court Justice.